You Don’t Always have to be a Practitioner to have a Great Career in HealthcareYou Don’t Always have to be a Practitioner to have a Great Career in Healthcare

UCTV recently filmed a panel of four San Diego Healthcare Executives: To Watch Online >>
Dan Gross, DNS, Executive VP for Hospital Operations, Sharp Healthcare
Donald Kearns, MD, MMM, President,  Rady Children’s Hospital
Nick Macchione, MPH, MS, Director, Health & Human Services Agency, County of SD
Deizel Sarte, RN, BSM, MAS, Chief Operations Officer, North County Health Services

The panel was moderated by Dr. Robert H. Kaplan, Associate Director, MAS in the Leadership of Healthcare Organizations, UC San Diego.


They addressed these questions:
1.What is the biggest challenge facing the healthcare industry and how is it affecting workers in your industry?

2.What is the biggest staffing need at your organization? How hard is it to find qualified people? What skill sets are you looking for in new hires?

3.We know the Affordable Care Act is having huge implications for the healthcare industry. How has it improved healthcare for your clients? In what ways is it still falling short? What are the implications of the Affordable Care Act for those employed in the healthcare industry or for those looking to find employment in the healthcare industry? What areas in the healthcare system might need to hire new workers?

4.What emerging trend in healthcare are you most excited about (Group visits, healthcare IT, wireless health)? How do you see it improving the quality of care and what will it mean for healthcare workers?

5.What is the future of jobs in the healthcare industry and what types of qualifications and training will workers need to fill those jobs?

It will be shown on the UCTV Career channel for the first time Wednesday, October 14th at 7:00pm and will play 16 times on the Career Channel. It will remain online at the link above for viewing at your convenience.

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