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Recent Graduate Puneet Ghai has a new job as a Clinical Systems Application Analyst at UC San Diego

Recent Graduate Puneet Ghai has a new job as a Clinical Systems Application Analyst at UC San Diego

Fall 2015 Graduate Puneet Ghai recently started a new job:

“I am a Clinical Systems Application Analyst specializing in the Optime and Anesthesia applications of Epic. I actively contribute to an innovative team dedicated to establishing a new foundation for advancing clinical delivery and quality outcomes. I fulfill multiple roles encompassing the development, implementation, management, and on-going support of UCSD Medical Center’s comprehensive clinical information systems. This includes being responsible for optimization and break/fixes associated with perioperative services EMR (Optime/Anesthesia), and working closely with the project team’s senior application analysts and clinical leaders to translate business needs into EMR functionality. My job requires building data sets, master files and reports, performing quality assurance and integrated testing, and releasing new functionality to end-users. I provide problem management support while maintaining current test and training environments, and training end-users.”

“The program definitely assisted me in getting the position. My current boss was my informatics professor in the program, Adam Keene. Along with that, this program gave me the tools and knowledge to excel in healthcare technology and leadership. I understand project management and its application to healthcare organizations. I feel confident contributing my perspective and taking the lead while working alongside high-functioning team members.“

“When I first started the program, I had no idea how many moving parts make up the healthcare system. The knowledgeable professors were so passionate and went out of their way to share their knowledge and perspective. I now have the confidence to put myself in new situations and think with an innovative mindset.”

“The constantly evolving healthcare environment used to be intimidating to approach. Now, I embrace the change and look forward to being a future leader in healthcare.” – Puneet