Fall 2014 Graduate Gloria Hernandez-Fujigaki, PhD, MAS, is currently a Fellow in the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University.Fall 2014 Graduate Gloria Hernandez-Fujigaki, PhD, MAS, is currently a Fellow in the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University.

When Gloria completed her master’s degree in December 2014, she saw a notice published by Harvard University in “Healthcare Executive” magazine. Harvard was looking for leaders interested in contributing in some way to social change. “I felt the MAS program had prepared me well, and so I applied. I was awarded a scholarship and am currently a Fellow of the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University.” – Gloria

The initiative is a new third stage in higher education designed to prepare experienced leaders to take on new challenges in the social sector where they potentially can make an even greater societal impact than they did in their careers.  It is a one-year program and Gloria will finish it November, 2016.

After she completes the program, Gloria wants to study obesity in Baja, along with developing a project promoting the breastfeeding of babies. This is good for the health of both mother and baby, along with obesity prevention.

Gloria is originally from Mexico. In 2001, she became an American citizen, and decided to focus her professional career on serving the large community that spans the border area between Mexico and the United States. Her first step was to return to school. I wanted to apply new systems in order to improve the quality of health care in Mexico. It was for this reason that I began my studies and my relationship with UC San Diego.” Initially she took individual courses in healthcare. Then she earned a Certificate in Healthcare Leadership. Finally, she decided to apply to the MAS in the Leadership of Healthcare Organizations. Prior to the MAS Program, she had been working for 15 years in hospital administration. Gloria also holds a doctorate degree in History from the University of Paris Sorbonne in France.

Gloria is interested in collaborating on national and international projects that work to improve the quality of healthcare and patient safety. She is specifically interested in supporting projects that will benefit the Hispanic community. She would like to encourage and foster partnerships among medical institutions and professional associations that support and lend their medical services in the United States, Mexico and Latin America. These may include an exchange for health care services in the border zone or the import/export of much needed medical equipment from the U.S. into Mexico. She also sees herself working in the international arena in solid collaboration with non-profit organizations serving the population of veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.


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