The LinkedIn Workforce Report for March 2017 shows a scarcity of workers with Healthcare Management Skills

LinkedIn Workforce Report March 2017

Big cities need more teachers, doctors, and nurses – We track skills gaps (a mismatch between the skills employers need – demand – and the skills workers have – supply) in 10 of the biggest U.S. cities. San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Houston have the biggest skills gaps, which are largely due to a scarcity of workers with service-industry skills. We took a closer look this month and uncovered that the most scarce service-industry skills are in healthcare management and education and teaching. Workers with healthcare management skills – like primary care, medical billing, and health education – are in scarcity in nine of the cities. And workers with education and teaching skills – like lesson planning, lecturing, and e-learning – are in scarcity in six of the cities.

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